Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Adding Hashtag Can Give Your #Business Maximum Exposure Online

A recent article, History of Hashtags, reveals that “more than 70 percent of mobile users use hashtag to search for information. In social media conversations, adding hastag symbol is a way of grouping relevant information together.

Social media platforms such as Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have made use of hashtag by automatically adding a link to anything that follows the symbol.

For instance, if you’re a dentist you can use hashtag when posting about cosmetic procedures including #teethwhiteningtips #yourpracticename

By doing this, you’ve effectively joined the general conversation on teeth whitening tips and as well as introduced your practice as a resource to help new patients. All of this done by adding hashtags to your post.

Great Infographics below - click here to follow Pinterest board  What You Need To Know about Hashtag

 Here is the History Of Hashtag Infographics

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